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Growth in the Right Way

By January 29, 2019March 20th, 2019Auto Body News
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Across North America, the industry’s consolidation rates have yet to slow. Knowing that the trend is continuing at this pace, insurers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) alike are finding a multitude of benefits in working with multi-store operators (MSOs), like CARSTAR. Providing benefits of scale, consistency and accountability, CARSTAR is able to self-manage its network to streamline the repair process for its customers.

Focused on growth in the right way, Dave Foster, Vice President of Development for CARSTAR, has been leading the charge for this collision repair giant. This does not mean growth at all costs; it is growth for the benefit of its insurance, vendor and franchise partners. By collaborating with insurance, operations and analytics colleagues, CARSTAR can eliminate redundancies and optimize its support. Finding enormous benefits in clustering markets, CARSTAR is able to load level at nearby locations if a particular store is at capacity or send corporate support to multiple locations on short notice.

CARSTAR is also encouraged by the appetite for growth from its insurance partners, as it works with insurers to identify key markets that are in need of a premier repair center. Proving incredibly beneficial for customers in those regions, CARSTAR is open to expanding its support for its partners, to ensure their customers receive expert repairs accompanied by outstanding customer service.

As CARSTAR expands across North America, its insurance partners receive unique benefits including:

  • -Focused attention on its key performance indicators that drive insurer success
  • -Outstanding customer service for its customers as the network-wide NPS average is 80 per cent
  • -Expert repairs reinforced by the proprietary EDGE Performance Platform
  • -Collision repair support in regions without a premier partner


CARSTAR has delivered over 6 million repaired vehicles to its customers across North America and with over 600 locations in 35 U.S. states and 10 Canadian provinces. Strategically positioned for accelerated growth, this industry leader has no plans to slow and is eager to work with its insurers to drive mutually beneficial growth.