Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to change the name of my shop to CARSTAR?

As part of the onboarding process, we will work with you to brand your shop. CARSTAR will be added to your business name to create your new image. Our team helps you develop this.

What does CARSTAR look for in auto body repair shops?

CARSTAR is looking to partner with shops that are well-managed, with a good reputation for quality repair work and customer service.

What makes CARSTAR different from other auto body repair consolidators?

CARSTAR is one of the only models that will continue to offer franchising as an option. This allows you to keep your ownership vs. looking at consolidation options where you have to give that up. We’re excited about the development of franchises in specific markets across the country.

What if I want to grow my business and add another location, can I do that?

CARSTAR has a real estate team that supports you in growing your personal footprint. Speak with your Development Director about your growth plans to obtain a license, and gain access to the Real Estate team who can help you with your site search, new build, or acquisition process.

What can CARSTAR offer that I can’t get anywhere else?

CARSTAR is your one-stop shop for everything from education and training to management and financial consultation to robust marketing and public relations assistance.

What is CARSTAR U?

CARSTAR U is our online training system that provides anytime, anywhere training and reduces the costs associated with traditional classrooms by eliminating travel or hotel stays. CARSTAR U is a quick and easy way to provide training for your employees and earn your CARSTAR Continuing Education Units.

What insurance relations program does CARSTAR offer?

CARSTAR has a full-time insurance and analytics staff working to help maximize Insurance opportunities. CARSTAR works with insurance carriers on a national, regional and local levels to build up programs for our franchise partners.

Does CARSTAR offer help for multi-shop owners?

Through our industry-leading technology platforms and world-class support systems, multi-unit owners can easily compare their shops with data to help improve performance. We will also assist in PR and marketing to help give your shop(s) national brand recognition.