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Effective Marketing for Collision Repairers

The collision repair industry has historically had a negative association because people assume repair facilities are dirty and poorly run. So to combat this, the collision industry has collectively worked together to build a positive reputation – one that an insurer will feel comfortable sending its customers to.

This is why customer service is so important. CARSTAR Care CenterInsurers want to keep their valued customers and to do that, it has to send its customers to a place with a positive reputation. This is because many customers associate their collision repair experience with their insurer.

Customers know their business is valuable and do not want to use companies that provide negative experiences. Online reviews have also helped fuel this shift because it is a regular habit for every generation to search the business online before they visit it. So, a shopper will look elsewhere if there are too many negative reviews.

If you do not want to sell to a consolidator, but want operational support to enhance your customers’ experience, consider joining the CARSTAR family. CARSTAR is a franchise system that provides resources to enhance your business while allowing you to continue independently owning and operating your business.

Benefits of Joining CARSTAR

Long-time collision repair professional and regional multi-store GM, Shaun Copeland, says this is the perfect time for owners to examine their own operations, and join a network.

“I know franchise fees can be daunting for some, but we just look at it as another employee,” Copeland describes. “CARSTAR is working for us, so we have to pay them for their work; it’s as simple as that. We get the insights into what other regions are doing, new insurance programs, how the industry is moving, field support for our operations, access to our performance metrics whenever we need, marketing resources, preferred vendor pricing and so much more.”

“In addition to the corporate backing, we also get to work closely alongside other owners within CARSTAR. We have these EDGE Performance Group meetings, which do deep dives into operational and financial enhancements. We also have business groups, where we pool resources for the mutual benefit of us all. This comradery is why everyone refers to CARSTAR as a family.”

All of CARSTAR’s 700+ owners started their journey by talking with a CARSTAR team member. Complete this form, if you would like to learn more about what it takes to be a CARSTAR and if it makes sense for your business.