Jeff Middleton Video Transcript

Title: Jeff Middleton Shares His CARSTAR Journey
Duration: :56

Video/Text on-screen Copy
Man sits down and talks to camera
Text: Jeff Middleton
Franchise Owner
Switches back and forth from frontal view in color – to side view in black and white
Man: So, I’m Jeff Middleton. I have five stores in the Seattle market. I’ve been a part of CARSTAR now for approximately 13 years.

CARSTAR has impacted my business, well, immensely over the years, their systems, their organization, their insurance information, their partnership with insurance companies. It’s multiple layers. To my business, it gives me a national presence. That’s extremely important. With my insurance partners, with my customers, I have a warranty now that I can offer not just in my Seattle market, but in Florida, or Texas, or wherever my customers may travel.

There is absolutely no reason for an independent collision owner to be on the outside looking in when they have somebody like CARSTAR that they can align themselves with and put themselves on the national presence.

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