Every store owner has a unique story of entering the collision repair industry.Steve shares his journey through CARSTAR and how it’s changed his life.

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Man sits down and talks to camera Man: Steve Hahn – CARSTAR Metcalf.

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Text: Steve Hahn, CARSTAR Metcalf

CARSTAR’s impact on my journey from an estimator to a dealership shop manager to an Area Director of Operations with CARSTAR Corporate into ownership is. I couldn’t have more gratitude for CARSTAR.

I believe CARSTAR is on the cutting edge of what’s going on in the industry right now and we need support from CARSTAR Corporate to make sure we stay on the cutting edge.

Their eyes and their ears for us in the shop is imperative to make sure that we the latest and the greatest knowledge, equipment, everything we need to make sure the customer’s car is repaired correctly and the customer has outstanding customer service.

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