Man sits down and talks to camera

Video/Text on-screen Copy
Man sits down and talks to camera

Text: Larry King, CARSTAR of Port Arthur

Man: Hi my name is Larry King. I own CARSTAR of Port Arthur in Port Arthur, Texas.
Switches back and forth from frontal view in color – to side view in black and white Understanding the way the market is changing and evolving as smaller stores are going out and MSO’s are coming in, as a representative of the major manufacturer, I realized I needed to do the very same thing with our body shop. So I chose to start looking at franchise systems and whenever I heard the opportunity for CARSTAR came through, then it was certainly something I was impressed with and chose to go on ahead and more forward with CARSTAR.

Before we became CARSTAR, we had no formal insurance relationships. We actually were able to get three of the large insurance relationships after we became a CARSTAR, once we went through the process, once we made the investments we needed, once we became trained and did the training that was necessary. And these were relationships that for years we’d actually tried to get, and because the relationships weren’t handed out of a local level, we could not break into that “good ol’ boys” club. And because of being a CARSTAR, they were just immediate for us.

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